Classic sweets and delightful news from Brunberg

Brunberg has been a part of Finnish Christmas traditions since 1871. Mouthwatering truffle and yummy marmalade have turned the Christmas dinner into a feast – and are also a much appreciated gift.

This year we celebrate our 150th anniversary and therefore we would like to hear your memories from previous Christmases and also encourage different generations to share the same taste sensations.

We at Brunberg’s wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Christmas contest – win sweet prices!

Write and tell us about your sweet memories from previous Christmases. Every week we raffle off a box with sweets among the participants (value 19 € / each).

Sending us your story you give us the right to publish it on Brunberg social medias and on the website under your pseudonym.


Complete the form here below and participate – perhaps you are the one who will enjoy the Brunberg sweets before long!

The competition rules here >>


Samples of stories for the Christmas contest.

During the Finnish Continuation War we suffered lack of food, and yet the Christmas dinner table was scrumptiously set. We had pork, homemade beer and white porridge. The pig was bred by ourselves and turned into ham. I remember Santa Claus picking up beautiful books out of his bag. I specially remember receiving a tin box with sweets. I still have the tin box.

Maija, Riihimäki




We usually decorate our Christmas Tree with chocolate truffles hanging from the branches. Last year we bought a golden retriever, a real glutton. As usual, we decorated our tree with truffles. The outcome is not hard to figure out! Luckily the dog survived. This year the truffles are served in a bowl. 

Heini, Porvoo




Grandma used to offer sugar coated pieces of marmalade for Christmas. They were kept in a glass bowl with a lid, and when we wanted to secretely taste the marmalade, we had to have nimble fingers in order to avoid the clinking sound of glass on glass.

Risto, Vaasa

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