Frequently Asked Questions

Send an e-mail to [email protected] with for instance the deadline of the product and a photo. If necessary we may ask you for a sample for further checking.

Our chocolate comes from Western Africa, where 70% of all cocoa is produced. We buy our raw materials from responsible and big cocoa producers who aim to improve the cultivation conditions through programs.

The ideal temperature for chocolate is around 16-20 degrees. An even temperature is best as the chocolate should not be exposed to big differences.

In too warm temperature, the texture changes and grains of fat are formed on the surface. The grey color is only a question of appearence, the taste is not affected.

We still have not found gluten free waffles which technically work on our production line. The process includes many various stages which make different demands on the waffles.

The eggs we use are prepared and pasteurized.

Palm oil us used for its technological characteristics. We have asked our suppliers to look for alternative vegetable fats, but so far no such option has been found. Without the palm oil the chocolate cover of the kiss is too soft for packaging.

Not for the moment, but we are studying the possibilities to acquire RSPO oil from our present supplier.