Sweet stories

Read about the history of the sweets here.


 Alku Caramel Toffee – a classic from the 1910’s Alku caramel toffee is one of Finland’s oldest sweets still in manufacture.  The Finnish people have enjoyed the creamy flavour for more than a hundred years. Brunberg’s predecessors Lindfors included Alku toffees in their line of products from the 1910’s when Lindfors acquired William Wiik’s candy [...]


The history of “Kisses” A round waffle, a fluffy foam filling and a thin chocolate cover – that is what Kisses are made of. Kisses are known around the world, but it is debated which country has the honour of manufacturing the first Kisses. According to one version it was a confectioner from Paris who, [...]


Chocolate from Brunberg Chocolate arrived in Europe in the 16th century. The Spaniards had crossed the Atlantic and landed in Central America, led by Christopher Columbus.  In the jungle they met Indians, who drank a bitter concoction seasoned with chilli pepper.  The drink was both warming and refreshing.  The beans the Spanish conquerors brought back [...]


Brunberg’s 100-year-old Truffle A truffle is a small, velvety, melt in the mouth, piece of chocolate.  For almost 100 years truffles have been a popular gift for any occasion as well as enhancing your coffee break. Traditionally truffles have also been served at the end of Christmas dinner. The delicious taste of a truffle leaves [...]