Alku Caramel Toffee – a classic from the 1910’s

Alku caramel toffee is one of Finland’s oldest sweets still in manufacture.  The Finnish people have enjoyed the creamy flavour for more than a hundred years.

Brunberg’s predecessors Lindfors included Alku toffees in their line of products from the 1910’s when Lindfors acquired William Wiik’s candy factory.

It is thought that the original recipe comes from candy masters Sladkoff and Kulakoff from St Petersburg. No one knows for certain, but it may be true, as at that time Russia was a world leader in the manufacture of sweets.

The delicious flavour of Alku caramel toffees has been around for generations. The fondness for the genuine flavour of the toffees being passed from father to son and mother to daughter.



The secret of Alku Caramel Toffees

The original recipe for Alku toffees has remained unchanged for more than a hundred years.

The sweets are made using condensed milk, sugar, starch syrup, liquid sugar, and fat. The mixture is boiled at a temperature of 123 degrees after which it is moved to the shaping machine.

It is no coincidence that the “soft and short” texture does not get stuck in your teeth and does not stretch. The secret lies in the forming of sugar crystals, and in the wringing and turning of the paste which gives it numerous tiny air bubbles.

When the Alku paste is ready it is moulded, cut into pieces, and wrapped. The candy is then allowed to lie and crystallise before the pieces are then put into bags.

Five Alku toffee flavours

The original Alku caramel toffee is a light-coloured cream candy which melts in the mouth. During the 1990’s a further four new flavours were added: licorice, chocolate, cinnamon and fruit.

Twenty years ago, Alku candy was manufactured using old machinery and powdered sugar, this product could be found on the market being sold in paper bags without individual wrappings.

In 2001 the fresh lemon licorice flavour was added to the choice of flavours.

Today, Brunberg’s Alku line includes: Alku Traditional Toffee, Alku Liquorice Toffee, Alku Lemon Liquorice Toffee, Alku Chocolate Toffee and Alku Cinnamon Toffee 300 g


The Alku caramel fudge has been manufactured using almost the same receipe and the same method for over 100 years.

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