Brunberg’s 100-year-old Truffle

A truffle is a small, velvety, melt in the mouth, piece of chocolate.  For almost 100 years truffles have been a popular gift for any occasion as well as enhancing your coffee break. Traditionally truffles have also been served at the end of Christmas dinner.

The delicious taste of a truffle leaves you wanting more.

What is the secret behind Brunberg’s truffles?

The Brunberg truffle is smoother than chocolate

The truffle was included in the Brunberg selection during the 1920’s.

The predecessor of Brunberg, Lindfors Sweets Factory, had grown into the second biggest company in the town of Porvoo.  The Finns had embraced chocolate and Brunberg wanted to offer their customers something smooth and delicious made from cocoa. The truffle was born and was originally known as Sweets from Porvoo.

Truffle tastes like chocolate in the mouth with the main difference that the truffle glides when it melts.  The secret lies in the combination of three different kinds of fat which make the truffle softer than chocolate producing a taste that remains in the mouth for longer.

The chocolate paste is also made smoother by loosening it up with small air bubbles which make the truffle more porous and it melts easily.

Brunberg chocolate truffles are extra special as they are made from only one paste. Other manufacturers often sprinkle dark cocoa powder on the truffles but Brunberg wanted to offer a wholly smooth delight.

Nuts were added to the paste in the 1930’s and the soft Nougat Truffle was born.

From the very beginning Brunberg have wrapped their truffle pieces and they were among the first sweets to be individually wrapped in Finland.



Flavours that transcend generations

The same old recipe is still being used for manufacturing the truffles.  Why change something that is appreciated by generation after generation? A truffle is a timeless piece of chocolate delicacy providing lovely, lasting taste memories.

Over the years Brunberg have added Brunberg Mocha Truffle, with a taste of coffee, to the traditional Brunberg Truffle and the Brunberg Nougat Truffle.

Although the recipe is unchanged the manufacturing procedure has been modernized. The new machines have improved the quality of the wrapping and decreased wastage. Enjoying our chocolate now has taken a huge step towards better sustainability.

Delicious “Bumps”

There is an amusing tale concerning the word Truffle. The word (Tryffel) in Swedish and the word (Trüffel) in German come from the French word (truffe) which means truffle but it also means snout and nitwit.  The French word comes from the Latin (tuber, tufer) which means bump and knob.

The chocolate truffle pieces were named in this way as they resemble truffle fungus.

We wish you happy moments with our chocolate “bumps”!


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