Brunberg – Unique Sweets from Porvoo since 1871

The 150-year-old Brunberg factory started out as a small bakery in Porvoo and is today a well-known and popular sweets factory in Finland. Our richly flavoured products, corresponding to high quality standards, have given pleasure to several generations.

We are a family business with roots that go far back into history, but we look ahead to the future.

In 2019 the turnover of our company was 9 557 000 euro and we had an average of 65 employees.


A modern artisan

Several of our sweets are still made according to the same recipe as decades before. Our oldest recipes are more than 100 years old. We combine modern production technique with traditional handicraft and various sweets are still handmade.

The high quality of our products has always been our best marketing element. Kisses, marmalade, truffle and liquorice have worked their way into the hearts of the Finnish people.

We also manufacture unique products; for example, Brunberg is the only Nordic producer of lactose free milk chocolate.