Traditional sweets from our webshop

Order the beloved Porvoo sweets – delicious Alku caramels, all-lovely licorice and mouth-watering truffles – as well as seasonally changing products conveniently from your own screen.

There are also products on the shelves of our online store that were previously only available in Brunberg’s own stores in Porvoo. Order and enjoy!

Brunberg – Finland’s oldest sweets factory.

For 150 years, Brunberg has produced tasty sweets of high quality in Porvoo. A delicious fragrance of newly cooked liquorice and rich chocolate has filled the streets and alleys of the city.

Our professional sweets masters turn out the rich classic delicacies with the genuine taste of old times.


The Old Town & Factory Shop


The Old Town
Välikatu 4, 06100 Porvoo
Phone: +358 (0)19 548 4235, +358 (0)40 1621736

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 10–18
Sat 10–16
Sun 10–16

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Welcome to our shop in the Old Town of Porvoo!

You will be met by shelves overflowing with a selection of popular sweets: kisses, truffle, liquorice, caramel toffee, handmade chocolate, jelly sweets and much more.


The Factory shop
Teollisuustie 21 A, 06150 Porvoo
Tel: +358 (0)19 548 4224, +358 (0)40 645 6628

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 9–17
Sat 9–15
Sun closed

Changes in opening hours >

Visit our Factory shop!

Welcome in and check out our Factory shop, located close to our factory and one of the most popular visiting places in Porvoo – which is no wonder!





150 years of Christmas traditions

Brunberg has been a part of Finnish Christmas traditions since 1871. Mouthwatering truffle and yummy marmalade have turned the Christmas dinner into a feast – and are also a much appreciated gift. We fill boxes with the most popular sweets.


Brunberg’s sweets factory opened its online store and published its new website

The sweets factory from Porvoo, Brunberg Oy, celebrates its 150th anniversary next year, took a step into the digital age and opened its own webshop. The selection includes, among other products, sweets previously sold only in the factory’s own shops in Porvoo. At the same time, the company’s new website was launched.


Brunberg is a responsible company

Brunberg’s activities are ecologically, socially and economically as sustainable as possible. We are on our way to a more responsible tomorrow…

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